About Arhanta Comics

Arhanta Comics is an independent passion project, all about self-publishing art! Developed and maintained by artist M. Camilo Nascimento, with lots of help from friends at Arhanta Studio, we're publishing original comics and music online (free of charge). Recently we've been working on a mobile-friendly reading experience by utilizing responsive design solutions.

Our work is a result of burning the midnight oil. Bravely mapping new territory in the twilight hours, posting progress along the way. If you like what you're seeing, please share our link arhantacomics.com, and show your support, thank you!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The CosmiComics Process

Latest experiments: transposing original music into comic book scripts, via an art/color/music/myth game we're working on: blending music, comics and computer code, seeing what happens... see screenshots of process below —

Mobile-Friendly Template: Arhanta CosmiComics (ver 1.4)
Utilizing "Foundation by ZURB" has been a game changer for us - with its responsive design tools at our fingertips, thanks to the friendly folks at ZURB, we can focus more on our stories and art. ZURB's progressive design resources give our readers a fresh, mobile-freindly webcomic experience. You should be able to read out comics on any device with a smooth, ease of use read of both text and navigation. Please let us know if you have any ideas or questions, thanks for your time.

Arhanta CosmiComics (ver 1.3)
For our first responsive webcomics, we were using GetSkeleton; learned a lot about responsive design methods but found our ways of coding the pages to be pretty tedious. A tweet from Scott McCloud inspired us to keep the midnight oil burning!

Arhanta CosmiComics (ver 1.2 and prior)
We created a system for self-publishing comics, working on an engine from thumbnails to printing, both online and quality paper. We decided to scrap everything and start over, using the latest tech (wacom) and other things we learned along the way about web design. Experimenting with digital comics goes all the way back to 1989 during Camilo's after school computer lab workshops.

The design template's title,"CosmiComics", is basically an homage to the inspiring work of Italo Calvino.


We're primarily using ink and brush on paper, scanned in and developed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, digitally painting with ArtRage4 Painting software.

For web development, we've been happily exploring Foundation by Zurb, excellent front-end responsive design tools.

For a comprehensive list of webcomic resources, check out this site we put together for a workshop we hosted at Ithaca College, May 2015: http://webcomicsworkshop.com


Adam Barker - concept development, writing: Pillar
William Clune - concept development, design: Olimax
Grahm Dion - music: Moonlight Waltz
Andrew Dorn - concept development: All Titles
Camilo Nascimento - illustration, design, mgmt.: All Titles
Lucas Nascimento - writing: Mr. X
Scott Pardee - music: Pillar
Dan Rivera - voice-overs: Olimax
Hunter Schindo - design & audio: Main Site, Olimax
Nellie Wallace - ground support: IthaCon

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For more information and to subscribe to our mailing list, please send an email to camilo@arhantacomics.com

4 Ways to Help Arhanta Comics

1. Spread the word
We're passionate about original art, innovation and exploration. We share resources and believe an open internet is a fantastic place where artists and poets can freely share their work. If you like what we're publishing, please let your networks know about us and send them to arhantacomics.com.

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