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Arhanta Comics Presents, OLIMAX: Deep Space Cartographer

Arhanta Comics Presents, OLIMAX: Deep Space Cartographer
During an exploration assignment with a tempting reward, the intergalactic gateway behind Olimax collapses. This is precisely what every cartographer seeks to avoid. He is left stranded in a strange, semi-civilized galaxy.

To survive, he tunes in to the local job boards and looks for work. With the help of his ship's AI translating the jobs available, Olimax ends up doing what he does best: making maps. This involves traveling to and scanning unknown systems, providing coordinates with corresponding intel, and sometimes physical samples. By fulfilling these jobs in exchange for local credit, he is able to maintain his ship and stay fed.

But he deeply misses his home and soulmate, more so every day. To fulfill this longing he has become obsessed with cooking good food. He attempts to make a home away from home through practicing the culinary arts. This obsession leads to several excursions, all to harvest edible ingredients for special recipes. These episodes illustrate the more milestone excursions into the unknown.

ADA, Exploration Vessel

ADA (Exploration Vessel)
Olimax's ship - a hyper-customizable cruiser class exploration vessel; starlight-powered, approx. 100 Meters in length.

The majority of the ship's material is made of smart jelly, like a colony of billions and billions of nanites, soaking in sun rays to recharge, excreting a jelly-like subtance in their wake.
Ship's hull can flex a bit, depending on the needs of the assignment. Starlight feeds the nanites, which key aspect of prepping ADA for the variety of harsh environments encountered in outer space.

Amadeus, Artifical Intelligence Assistant

Amadeus (Artificial Intelligence Assistant)
The Artificial Intelligence for Caution and Comfort is a program available through the ship's mainframe. It manifests work rooms, study coves, kitchen areas, lookout spots and break rooms, all using the progressive blueprint nano-form functions. It can translate almost any alien language, some translations are more helpful than others... Amadeus tries to provide meaningful metaphors for Olimax to be able to respond to alien communications appropriately. During initial setup of the AI, there’s an intensive interviewing process. The AI’s personality and vocal timber is formed around the answers provided, creating a psychological profile, then it is custom-tailored to best serve the pilot’s rate of success.

The Amadeus is equipped to mold the available smart "nanites" in the ADA, which is pretty much anywhere, except for the work area of the "Mainframe Squid", he likes to keep his work place neat.For example, "Murry the Cat" is a manifestation provided by Amadeus to help Olimax feel at ease, especially when going through the careful finalizing process of pinning points on a map.

About his Name: From the deep archives, a reference to one particular composer arises after cross-checking the psychological profile with creative success, and so the AI chose its own name to be “Amadeus”. Olimax was delighted by the AI at first, especially after experiencing the musical reference, but over the years he has grown increasingly antagonistic with Amadeus. Since the A.I.’s function is to err on the side of caution, Olimax pushes its limits by making decisions outside of the suggested protocol, sometimes just to get more information and a rise out of Amadeus. But deep down he knows the AI was designed this way to serve his best interest. But what the program doesn’t provide is an authentic friendship.

Bhazil Khealune

Bhazil Khealune (Bah-Zil Key-uh-loon-eh)
Veteran cartographer, established in trading intel. Olimax's primary contact in the grey galaxy.

B is a seasoned cartographer, but has retired from adventuring in the field. He now serves customers by sub-contracting other cartographers for hire. He decided to respond to a particular job submission through the boards that perked his interest, B rarely gives audience to an unknown profile. But in this case he wanted this "OLX" cartographer a chance to prove their merit. It was a smaller job given, ultimately he could have sent another reliable cartographer. But this cartographer ID: OLX, promised full delivery, with bonus interior moons, all mapped out to spec. The bravado spirit in the wording of OLX’s job entry reminded him of his younger self.

After Olimax more than proved his skill-set, Bhazil starts to send him high-profile jobs, increasing the risk, as well as the reward.

Bhazil’s estate in the desert is a smart, lush oasis.

Ceinzokk Galaxy

Ceinzokk (chee-en-zawk) Galaxy
The name of the alien galaxy Olimax has found himself in. Well, the best translation Amadeus could come up with, limited to referencing existing languages, whereas the language in this galaxy is nowhere in the existing "archives". And the archives go very deep and extermely wide, which is why it's even more troubling that this galaxy is not listed anywhere in them.

Deep Blue, OLIMAX in

Deep Blue
In this episode, Olimax follows a hunch through a heat vent deep below a frozen ocean. He confronts a creature that challenges his notion of communication. Click here to read this episode.

Greenhouse, Olimax's

Greenhouse, Olimax's
Note - Plants that help maintain excellent air quality:
1. English Ivy (Hedera Helix)
2. Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)
3. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exalta Bostoniensis)
4. Dracaena (Dracaena Deremensis)
5. Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)
6. Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)
7. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
8. Lady Palm (Rhapis Excelsa)
9. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)
10. Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata)

Gripper Harvesting Ship

Gripper Harvesting Ship
Bhazil's means of mass harvesting Nitrogen from clouds.

Gripper Landing Array

Gripper Landing Array
Bhazil's means of mass harvesting Nitrogen from clouds.

Kitchen, Olimax's

Olimax's Kitchen is where the real magic happens. The "oven" has the ability to modify genetic properties of harvested alien materials, allowing for (mostly) digestible food.

Mainframe Squid

Mainframe Squid
Deep in the belly of ADA there lives and works a special squid, diligently managing the master code and configurations of the ship's central computer. All raw nanite code is inspected and fine-tuned in the squid's work area. His actual full name is a long line of code...

Maps, by Olimax

Maps, by Olimax
Creating and compiling a Map Module is Olimax's gift. Trained in the art of cartography from a young age, his passion has always been to explore and map the unknown.

Map Module:
After a series of coordinates are collected, they are compiled into a map module. Olimax's ability to gather a wide variety of useful, vaulable data for a client is on a master level. The final stage is extremely detailed and requires a steady hand when committing to a precise coordinate. Once a map is ready for client delivery, it gets an encryption treatment, transforming its shape to a locked system. Only clients with an access key can unlock the map, and upload it to their ship's navigation computer.



Missing You, OLIMAX in

Missing You
In this episode, Olimax responds to a distress signal, only to find that he needs to send one out himself. Click here to read this episode.

Murry, Olimax's Cat

Murry (Olimax's Cat)

Murry's furry, lackadaisical presence has a relaxing effect on Olimax. "Amadeus (AI)" creates an environment that best serves Olimax's goals; in this light, Murry is a manifestation of Olimax’s psyche, programmed to appear during problem-solving moments and pinning map coordinates.

So Murry seems to show up out of nowhere, right around the time Olimax is pinning points to a map in progress. This final pinning stage is extremely detailed, requires a steady hand committing to an actual coordinate, the slight distraction Murry provides actually improves Olimax's performance.


Nanites are the main technology that form Olimax's ship. The nanites feed on light from stars, their various properites feed certain nanites to perform certain functions. Powders and pastes, available on the market, are the food that allow nanites to bond into physical forms...

Olimax (Noel Maximus)

Olimax (ole-eh-max)
Far from home, the best cartographer in town.
Full name: Noel Maximus, nickname "Olimax" was given by his classmates at an early age and stuck ever since.

Pit Stop Diner

Pit Stop Diner
The Greasy Spoon is located at Olimax's favorite pit stop tower. He can plug into the job boards, and for the most part can remain anonymous. The Greasy Spoon hads mostly edible products on their menu, and also free refills on hot cups of shlaava, which sort passes for the java back home. In fact, the spot reminds him of diners from home, which also has a settling effect on him, if the nostalgia doesn't get the best of him.

Pit Stop Station

Pit Stop Station
Olimax's favorite pit stop station, for re-feuling and job hunting (access to the local job boards are a valuable resource). There's a diner that serves mostly edible food, and what passes for a cup of java (an inky sludge known as shlaava).


Orbits celestial bodies to send out radar, sonar, magnetometric scans to gather data.


Shlaava is the closest thing to a cup of coffee olimax can find in this new region. Shlaava is made from collecting an inky extract from a laarva pod, which are found under the magna swamps of planet Gy23.

Space Gate

Space Gate
Your garden variety space gate is essentially a long funnel between two locations in a region, the distance of which is determined by the engineer's capabilities.

Arhanta Comics Presents, Pillar, Book One: The Burn

Pillar, Book One: The Burn
Myrindah is captured by the HaManeem, after getting lost in the fields during the burn. Will Din and his brother Haron get involved? Find out in Pillar, Book Two (under development, we need your support!).

Click here to read Pillar, Book One: The Burn


Din, son of Gaon, silk merchant; older brother to Din.

Fields of Pillar

The Fields of Pillar are lush, surrounding the city; they are systematically burned under the ruthless rule of the HaManeem.


Gaon, master spinner of silk, sells his goods in the Pillar marketplace; father to Haron and Din.


Gaph is a loyal farmer. His strength and blind loyalty to the HaManeem make him useful to implement their rule over the farmers.


Gwandang is a Venerable Mantis, the emissary of the Nathka Monastery. Gwandang was chosen by the Queen or head teacher of the monastery to travel to Pillar to purchase enough silk to last the year. To be chosen as emissary by the queen is a great honor bestowed upon promising Venerable Mantises.

Gwandang takes the honor given him with great seriousness and intends on making a fine purchase.


The HaManeem, the ruthless ruling class with telepathic influence. Their faithful guardian terror birds, the Corvadae, do their bidding. Only the HaManeem knows from where the silk flows.


Son of Gaon. Older brother to Din. Haron is keener than his brash attitude suggests. He works hard for the family business, hopes to one follow in his father’s footsteps and one day manage their store, selling high quality textiles, the finest weaves of Pillar silk.


Daughter of Shchem. She started work at an early age, as most farmers of Pillar do.

Pillar, City of

Pillar, City of
"So many years have past since, those days before she came to be among us. Those days when Pillar had stood through countless revolutions of the Sun and Moon, those days when it seemed Pillar would stand through countless revolutions of the Sun and Moon to come. I remember the city as it was then so long ago, her silken towers, her spiced aroma, the music of her streets." - The Old Arhant.

Temple of Pillar

The temple of Pillar The foreboding tower at the center of Pillar. Cocoon-like, riddled with atacombs underneath, only the HaManeem have access…


Shchem Father of Myrindah. He is a loyal farmer.

Silk of Pillar

The silk of Pillar is softer than feathers more durable than burlap and stronger than hemp. Sailors, soldiers, priests and royal families from all around trade it as the gold standard of inter City-State commodity exchange.

A Moonlit Waltz

A Moonlit Waltz
Music by Grahm Dion, Camilo Nascimento interpreted the music into sequential art..

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Detective Cruz, The Story Of

Detective Cruz, The Story of
Set in modern day Philadelphia, PA, The Story of Detective Cruz is one about truth, and one tenacious detective's ability to find it.

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Goodnight Loving Trail

Goodnight Loving Trail
A re-telling of a story from America's Old West, about cowboys, gamblers and strangers traversing the Goodnight-Loving Trail; also re-told in the lyrics to the song "Me & My Uncle".

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Mr. X, The Chronicles Of

Mr. X, The Chronicles
A collection of surrealist prose by LTN, illustrated by Camilo Nascimento.

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