Arhanta Comics Glossary: PILLAR

Arhanta Comics Presents, Pillar, Book One: The Burn

Pillar, Book One: The Burn
Myrindah is captured by the HaManeem, after getting lost in the fields during the burn. Will Din and his brother Haron get involved? Find out in Pillar, Book Two (under development, we need your support!).

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Din, son of Gaon, silk merchant; older brother to Din.

Fields of Pillar

The Fields of Pillar are lush, surrounding the city; they are systematically burned under the ruthless rule of the HaManeem.


Gaon, master spinner of silk, sells his goods in the Pillar marketplace; father to Haron and Din.


Gaph is a loyal farmer. His strength and blind loyalty to the HaManeem make him useful to implement their rule over the farmers.


Gwandang is a Venerable Mantis, the emissary of the Nathka Monastery. Gwandang was chosen by the Queen or head teacher of the monastery to travel to Pillar to purchase enough silk to last the year. To be chosen as emissary by the queen is a great honor bestowed upon promising Venerable Mantises.

Gwandang takes the honor given him with great seriousness and intends on making a fine purchase.


The HaManeem, the ruthless ruling class with telepathic influence. Their faithful guardian terror birds, the Corvadae, do their bidding. Only the HaManeem knows from where the silk flows.


Son of Gaon. Older brother to Din. Haron is keener than his brash attitude suggests. He works hard for the family business, hopes to one follow in his father’s footsteps and one day manage their store, selling high quality textiles, the finest weaves of Pillar silk.


Daughter of Shchem. She started work at an early age, as most farmers of Pillar do.

Pillar, City of

Pillar, City of
"So many years have past since, those days before she came to be among us. Those days when Pillar had stood through countless revolutions of the Sun and Moon, those days when it seemed Pillar would stand through countless revolutions of the Sun and Moon to come. I remember the city as it was then so long ago, her silken towers, her spiced aroma, the music of her streets." - The Old Arhant.

Temple of Pillar

The temple of Pillar The foreboding tower at the center of Pillar. Cocoon-like, riddled with atacombs underneath, only the HaManeem have access…


Shchem Father of Myrindah. He is a loyal farmer.

Silk of Pillar

The silk of Pillar is softer than feathers more durable than burlap and stronger than hemp. Sailors, soldiers, priests and royal families from all around trade it as the gold standard of inter City-State commodity exchange.