olimax storm on planet 53


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OLIMAX, Deep Space Cartographer
in: The Storm on Planet 53

Story and Art by Camilo Nascimento, Music by Hippo
Design/Audio Support by Hunter Schindo,
Voice-Over by Daniel A. Rivera

During a routine planetary scan, Olimax is surprised by a strange storm. Resources spread thin, his patience and resilience lead to a milestone harvest.



Storm rollin' in.

must be moving fast

no sign of it on this morning's scan.

Amadayus is too far...



.. what the ... ?!

Enhance image.

Z two-in, sound to six.

Z, three-in.


What are they?

When will these beasts move along?

They don't seem too friendly...

Out of paste.

And out of agua.

Time to go.

Circadians reviewed, they'll be asleep a few more hours.


Nice to see you back in range, Olimax.

DAYUS! Open Hatch 9, NOW!


HATCH 12! 12!

Dayus! Bring. Me. In.