olimax storm on planet 53


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OLIMAX, Deep Space Cartographer
in: The Storm on Planet 53

Story and Art by Camilo Nascimento, Music by Hippo
Design/Audio Support by Hunter Schindo,
Voice-Over by Daniel A. Rivera

During a routine planetary scan, Olimax is surprised by a strange storm. Resources spread thin, his patience and resilience lead to a milestone harvest.



Storm rollin' in.

must be moving fast

no sign of it on this morning's scan.

Amadeus is too far...



.. what the ... ?!

Enhance image.

Z two-in, sound to six.

Z, three-in.


What are they?

When will these beasts move along?

They don't seem too friendly...

Out of paste.

And out of agua.

Time to go.

Circadian rhythms observed suggest they'll be asleep at least a few more tiks.