Pillar, Book One - Part 1 (pgs. 1-9)

Story: Adam Barker
Art: Camilo Nascimento
Music: Scott Pardee



Once upon a time as ancient as memory, in a land more distant than a forgotten thought...

...scrush, scrush, scrush...

A little girl sought an answer before she knew the question.

... S h h h w s s h h s h h ...

She spends most all day outside, stalking small secrets. Like a Mantis hunting its prey. But unlike a Mantis, she never hunts to kill.

There you are.

You'll be my companion for the Winter.

It's so boring and lonely inside
the city walls.



Oh no.

MYr - INnn - DAHhh!


In a single weave we exist. Unending fabrics intertwined to form an unending garment.


No wall can keep out the fundamental truth of the interconnectedness of life.

Still that is no comfort to a father like Shchem when his daughter Myrindah is missing.


Shchem, we must start the fires.
The Patriglyph will be on us if we don't.

But Myrindah is still
out there somewhere!

The patriglyph will not think the life of one farmer's daughter more important than the Rule of The Pillar!

And so the Rule of the Pillar begins turning like a grindstone in the name of Law.


But Law is not always Justice!


YOU would have

Are you MAD!?

AGgghhhhh !!!

The Law of The Patriglyph is the LAW of the PILLAR!

Obey the LAW of the PILLAR!

What are you looking at?


- cough cough cough -

Papa... cough-cough

cough, cough


He went CRAZY. He tried to keep us from performing the fire cleansing! All because his idiotic daughter got herself lost again.

She's always running around, getting herself into trouble. A lil' curse since birth!



That's her! That's the little witch Myrindah! There's the reason Shchem had to die!

Get her.

And bring her with us.

Yes, Holliness.

Yes, Holliness.

That's it. It takes the wisdom of the Hamaneem to decide what to do with a girl who kills her father !