Pillar, Book One - Part 2 (pgs. 10-18)

Story: Adam Barker
Art: Camilo Nascimento
Music: Scott Pardee

 So many years have past since, those days before she came to be among us. Those days when Pillar had stood through countless revolutions of the Sun and Moon, those days when it seemed Pillar would stand through countless revolutions of the Sun and Moon to come. I remember the city as it was then so long ago, her silken towers, her spiced aroma, the music of her streets.    

Gentlemen and Ladies, Pilgrims and all friends from near and far. The Metamorphisis is nearly upon us. Buy Now! The finest weaves in Pillar, and we MUST sell as many as we can.

Buy Now! Before the Metamorphisis begins and our doors close. Buy Now!

Don't let the moment pass! Buy Now! If you don't take these weaves from us the Hamaneem surely will! Buy Now! The strongest weaves in all of Pillar!

That's right sir. The strongest weaves in all of Pillar! Allow me to demonstrate for you.

Allow me to show the strength, neigh impenetrable might of these weaves sir!

Very well then.

Come on Din!

If you'd be so kind as to hold half the swatch sir?

In the name of Hahman Din! Won't you ever develop? My apologies sir, My younger brother is obviously a weakling.

-hrnt! ...clearly there is some heft to the thing.

Hold it up now Din, so the man of business can see.

Pull it tight and you see how it holds the weight.



Well leastways you can see the tensility of the thing, sir.

Many of the weaves are as quality as that boy. They are made of Pillar silk after all. A Single strand of the stuff could suspend a ball that heavy.

True enough sir. But would the weaves be this seamless and magnificent?

It is quality.

Of the highest, sir. Our father Gaon Betar will accept no less. It is how our family's name has come to be known in all parts.

I've never heard of you.

Stab it, sir!

What's that now?

I say Stab it! Stab it! Scrape it! Rasp it! It will not fray Sir!

And there won't be a mark on it when we are finished. If you would be so kind to (grunt) pause for a moment I will show you.

You see sir thin as a handkerchief and neither a fray nor a pulled stitch to show for all that exertion.

Well you've certainly gone through the trouble. What are your prices?

That is best left for my father the man himself. Let me take you to him.

There he is now. Father! This man of business would like to inquire as to our pricing.

Show him in son. I will be with you in a moment, sir.

After I deal with my other boy Din.


Get up and get to work.

Still sitting there feeling sorry for yourself huh?

Oh get over Din will ya? You little toad.

I think you broke my shoulder!


See! You're fine. If you'd had broken your shoulder you would have twice as-

That hurt!

Stop it!

No, No!

No, No, No!

Poppa! Poppa!

What are they doing with her?

She's an orphan. The Hamaneem own her now.


They're going to take her to the temple.

Better be careful, Din. You keep messing up and you may find yourself there.

To be continued, in Book Two...